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Your Guarantee

Unique, previously unused EAN numbers
Our barcode numbers are previously unused and will not be resold to other customers. From the moment of sale, it belongs only to you.

We do not charge you any membership or other fees
We do not require any membership from you and we do not charge you annual membership or other fees. After paying for the order, the numbers become your property.

EAN global numbers
Our EAN numbers can be used anywhere in the world and our UPC-A numbers are suitable for use in the United States. You may encounter restrictions at larger retailers. Please check in advance if our numbers are easily usable for your purposes.

Protect your EAN
Before selling each issue, we verify that it has not been used improperly before. No one else has the right to use the barcode number you have purchased without your permission.

Perfect barcode graphics
You will receive from us standard barcode graphics in 100% size and in 5 different formats. We can provide you with additional formats or sizes if needed.

Competent customer service
As a customer, you are in good hands. In case of any questions regarding barcodes in retail or online trading, please call us or write to us at [email protected].